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Get over yourself

Get over yourself, seriously. Pull yourself together, wipe that snot off your face, and listen to me. Your experiences are nothing special. There is absolutely no part of your life that someone else has not experienced, and I'll prove it to you.

Your past is not special. You might have had a normal family, with dinners at the table every night. You might have gotten all the right opportunities handed to you early on in life. Hell, you might even be in touch with your family members every single day. If you're really lucky, your parents are not dead. Yet somehow you've grown up to feel incomplete. Maybe, just maybe, you think having some hardships in your life might have taught you a better lesson. Or maybe you're getting upset because your perfect life shouldn't give you a valid reason to feel depressed. Why oh why, are the minuscule parts of your mundane life giving you such a hard time?

Or maybe I'm wrong - and that paragraph above did not resonate with you at all. Maybe your past was fucked up. Child neglect, physical abuse, or substance abuse, whatever your character trope is. The point is that unlike the other "normal" people YOU have a reason to be upset. YOU went through a lot. YOU are still haunted by the past actions of your family members. YOU need to be putting in more effort than your peers to be able to function every day. See how well I'm able to relate to you? I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that is because your past is not special either.

Your present is not special. We all wake up tired, dreading to get through the week. We all miss that one phone call from a family member, or get into a passive aggressive texting frenzy with our partners. We all struggle balancing productivity with fun. We all tend to fall asleep late because we're busy making mental to-do lists of all the adult shit we need to take care of tomorrow.

Your future won't be special. We're all worried about our savings. We all live in countries that we aren't able to call "home", so we start spiraling into an existential crisis about where our family will eventually be. We all worry about our relationships, and whether we've made the right choice in our partners. We're all consistently uncomfortable in our skins, and the only thing that might satisfy us is better clothes, better hair, better looks, better friends, better apartments...only to realize one day that we were wrong, and so we begin our phase of "self-discovery" or whatever bullshit you'd like to call it.

Okay...was this a little too mean or was it the right dose of motivation for you? Because the truth is, this is how I was raised. I was raised to take what I want, because nobody is going to fucking give it to me. I was raised to work harder, because there are thousands of others who can do what I do. I was also told to be realistic, because let's face it - my family did not really set me up to become the next Elon Musk.

I like to think that to a certain extent, this type of mentality kept me grounded. It helped me overcome a lot of my past experiences, and I can confidently say that a lot of "problems" to others are classified as slight inconveniences to me. This is why I'm always an advocate for sharing with others, because finding connections amongst ourselves really helps us tackle this whole "life" video game we're playing.

But what do I know, I'm human. And like every other human, I doubt my own ideologies. Maybe feeling a little bit special is a good thing. Maybe lying to ourselves a little and thinking that we're an exception isn't so terrible. We could all use a little dose of confidence from time to time, if it drives us to make better decisions. I'll leave that up to you. For now, I'm at least certain there aren't many Dianas scribbling on the topic of self-importance at 12 AM.

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