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Dirty Laundry

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Dirty Laundry is a little side-project that little me always wanted to bring to life, as I scribbled away in my diary. What started out as daily rants or late-night drunk iPhone note entries has quickly turned into pages and pages of thoughts on my laptop.

From fictional short stories to ideas about relationships, family, and society in general - I'll be diving into topics I've been afraid to put onto paper. My grandma used to tell me to keep my life to myself, and as a result I grew up an open book. So welcome to my blog: it's time to air out my laundry, my very dirty laundry.

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A piece of toast

I'm sorry I disappeared. I'm always afraid of putting myself out there because I always slack off and feel like a failure. And here I am,...

Out of my league

Growing up I did not think there is anything inherently wrong with what I was taught. It was all very straightforward. Wash your jeans...

My best friend Alia

Alia is a close friend I've known for years. We first met around middle school, when a conversation struck up in the middle of the...

Get over yourself

Get over yourself, seriously. Pull yourself together, wipe that snot off your face, and listen to me. Your experiences are nothing...

A good girl turns bad

When I was around 13 or 14, I was baffled by the amount of sins around me. How could everyone be so careless? How could they so easily go...

Microwave dinners with a side of neglect

There are sometimes very specific parts of my childhood that I tend to relive. At a surface level, they seem harmless. So it’s a little...

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